Patrice smiles and clasps her hands in front of her chest. She has shoulder-length blond hair and wire-rim glasses. She wears a teal t-shirt over a white long-sleeve shirt

Patrice McHale

"Everyone is different."

Patrice McHale has been an advocate for herself and others for her entire adult life. For decades, Patrice visited schools to educate students about Down syndrome. 

“Everyone is different, and there are different kinds of smart and everyone is smart in his or her own way,” she said. “I like to let people know that I can do things on my own and think for myself. I like to make my own decisions. Down syndrome is just a small part of who I am.” 

Along with her creative writing group, Patrice was published in a book called “Writing Our Lives,” which included short stories and poems about individuality.

Employment has always been very important to Patrice. She has worked at the YMCA, the Cincinnati Public Library, and the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati.

Currently, Patrice lives with roommates. She continues to be engaged in The Tall Institute and has an avid social life.

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