Danny smiles while standing in front of a white backdrop. He wears a light brown polo shirt under an argyle sweater vest.

Danny Crews

"It's really about being treated with respect."

“I’m smart and a good person. I’m nice and I get along with people. I don’t like to be called different names,” said Danny Crews. “I work hard and do good work, just like anyone else.”

Before the pandemic, Danny was employed at Kroger in Oakley. He worked at least two days per week, making sure the store shelves and displays were always neatly in order to make it easier for customers to shop. Danny now chooses to participate in Ohio Valley Goodwill’s work training program at its corporate headquarters in Woodlawn. 

“I really loved my job at Kroger but I also have a lot of friends at Goodwill and it’s important to me to see them, too,” he said.  “Just because I only have the use of one arm doesn’t mean I can’t work hard and do a good job. It hurts me when people tease me or act like I’m not working hard. It’s really about being treated with respect.”

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