The Disability Language Style Guide is a community resource and a collaborative effort among people with disabilities and organizations in Southwest Ohio that support and empower people with disabilities.

Partners Include:

Autism Connections
The mission of Autism Connections, formerly known as Autism Society Greater Cincinnati, is to uplift the Southwest Ohio autism community through education, resources, connections and lifelong support. We envision a world where autistic individuals and their families are supported, treated with equity, and valued. We serve individuals with autism their families and caregivers, the larger Cincinnati community, and all providers and professionals who are working with the autism community.
Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities
The Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities supports about 3,900 people to live, work and learn successfully in their community. Supports and services are available life-long through contracts with partner agencies or directly provided by our Board. Our supports are geared toward the philosophy of person-centered thinking, which places the individual at the center of decisions made about the services they receive.
Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Since 1911, CABVI has provided counseling, vision rehabilitation, and employment services to help more than 4,500 people annually of all ages adapt to severe vision loss in the Greater Cincinnati region. This includes social services and information services as well as early childhood, low vision, vision rehabilitation therapy, access technology and orientation & mobility services. CABVI provides employment in our Industries Program, selling products to federal government customers through the Ability One program, and selling office supplies through VieAbility. The agency operates a Base Supply Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and provides employment in Contract Management Services.
Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
The mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati is to empower individuals, educate families, enhance communities and together, celebrate the extraordinary lives of people with Down syndrome. We envision a community that embraces, supports and inspires individuals with Down syndrome to live healthy, self-determined and fulfilling lives. We provide support, resources, programming, outreach, and advocacy for thousands in the Greater Cincinnati community.
Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services
Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services is a government social services agency established by state law. Each year, we support more than 7,600 people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities at all stages of life. Our agency provides case management, monitors service quality, engages families, and funds services provided by our community partners.
Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati
Hearing Speech & Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati is a nonprofit organization that has served the local and outlying areas for 96 years. We provide accessible, inclusive, and nurturing support services to anyone seeking to overcome barriers regarding speech, language, literacy, hearing, and D/deafness. Our organization offers speech and occupational therapy, audiology services, Sign interpreting, and D/deaf outreach and advocacy to approximately 6,000 local residents.
Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
For more than a century, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has served the Greater Cincinnati community as an Employment and Training Center for adults with disabilities, as well as our nation’s veterans. Goodwill offers a diverse array of employment and personal enrichment opportunities which are all designed to help individuals to achieve personal success.